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This is a time for those who believe in coming together across race and gender and “identity,” in defending democracy against creeping totalitarianism, for those of us who truly believe in supporting the middle class (past truly dying industries and automation), and raising up those in poverty … to move! It is time for those of us who care deeply about the well-being of our children, and their children on this miraculous gift and miracle of Planet Earth … to stretch ourselves in ways we have not considered before.

I come from a spiritual-psychological teaching background, and although I lean “liberal,” it seems to me that our old allegiances to party and ideology have become the crumbling barriers across which we must reach now.

I don’t believe most Trump voters are actually racist (or that racist … and I would argue that racism is actually a kind of misunderstanding, a fragile — if dangerous — blindness), nor do I think they are necessarily white supremacist, fascist or want to align with Vladimir Putin. I hold out hope that many Republicans voted for Trump because he was simply their candidate. We must reach out to these folks now.

It will take civility and respect and acknowledgement and listening as well as speaking up, to turn the tide. It will take being “spiritual.” … For me, “spiritual” is anything that comes from our deeper wisdom, from the heart … Even if that means loudly “saying No” to the new administration, in no uncertain terms.

Those who have been purely “political” must now look in their hearts for the love and understanding and listening that will help us bridge our great divides. … On the other hand, I believe those of us who have been purely “spiritual” must now look in our hearts for how to act politically, and socially. The stakes at this moment in history are far too high to remain silent, or to be passive.

To quote spritual teacher and author Marianne Williamson:

“There is nothing spiritual about complacency, and I reject any half-baked spiritual prescription that if we just send him [Trump] enough love then everything will be okay. If the house is burning, you yell ‘Fire!’ You don’t just repeat your mantra more times and trust the outcome to God. Quite the opposite: we are to live our lives so that God can trust the outcome to us. He cannot do for us what He cannot do through us. The question is not, how did God let this happen? The question is, how did we let this happen? And what are we going to do about it now?”

For those who have wondered how to become active, I list below here just a few ideas — and which I will update. What I have noticed as well, is that, coming from activists around there world, there is a sense that the old ideologies, tribal affiliations and labels are falling away. Our effectiveness now comes from the heart.

I myself have listened to the “liberal” media, and, even as a liberal, been shocked by the severe spin and lack of authenticity on the part of pundits. Authenticity, truth is key now — a heart for what we say, and for what we care about. We can both love Trump voters and supporters as fellow Americans, and also confront and challenge their information with our own.

Listening to Wisdom

In the psychology I teach, “wisdom” is taught as those silent whispers and sometimes deep feelings of what’s right and true, what’s best for you to do. Wisdom is intutive. It is what brought the first elders and women to Standing Rock to begin a movement now inspiring all of us to become active, across the globe. So, read below, and see what your wisdom leads you to do … if all of these, or none of these … or your own unique “thing.”

  1. Inauguration Day (Jan. 20) Protests and Women’s Marches on Jan. 21. Do a social media search for the march or action in your area. The biggest women’s marches are affiliated with the Women’s March on Washington of course. Click here to sign up and find a march in your area. … Here is another resource for action on Inauguration Day. In my hometown, folks are organizing a general strike on Jan. 20, (Santa Cruz General Strike) with family and kid-friendly activities, downtown — but also with the seriousness of true resistance. Kids are walking out of school. Workers are walking out of work. (See also, #5, below.)
  2. Boycott Trump business and Trump family business. This you can do from your own home, and in fact, is about “not doing.” A woman in San Francisco is maintaining and updating an excellent spreadsheet at www.GrabYourWallet.Org … E-mails & phone numbers are also available there to let executives know what you are doing, and why. I did this already (sending e-mails off to corporate executives to tell them why I was boycotting) and it really felt so good! It also felt good to limit my consumerism, actually.
  3. Get involved in government and politics. One of my own biggest insights around this crisis is that we do not get to “keep” democracy if we do not participate in democracy. It is on us, as participants in this “still democracy” to be fully active at this time. The organization is organizing local groups all over the country to mobilize. In two years, we elect representatives to Congress again. If you live in a state where a Democrat (or even good, reasonable Republican) can be elected over a Trumpist, NOW is the time to get busy (and help our brothers and sisters in those states). Current federal and congressional staffers have put together a “handbook” for how to win these next elections. Super important and with an interesting note about how progressives don’t like to say “No,” we like to say “Yes.” But now we truly need to say No!, and say No loudly:

The organization “Swing Left” is helping citizens get involved in the closest “swing” districts to their own areas, in order to help shift the balance to Democrats in the 2018 interim elections.

4. We must oppose the “normalization” of treason, collusion with a foreign government and enemy of state and, indeed, autocracy and fascism at every turn — with our representatives, by contacting our local and national media, on social media, in conversations, everywhere. Write letters to your editors of local papers. Phone editors and journalists. Call Fox News, even! Roger Ailes has left Fox News after multiple sexual harassment charges, including against Megyn Kelly. I hear there may soon be an opening there for reason, balance and fact-based news again.

5. I feel that our efforts to oppose the Trump agenda must be very strong, and I myself will be conducting my own Women’s Strike and “Shabbat” on Jan. 20; and again on International Women’s Day, Wed. March 8. These days, women and their supporters of all genders, religions, politial parties and around the world refuse to work, and along the lines of the Jewish Shabbat, which became the Christian Sabbath, also refuse to “do commerce” in any way — to spend money or be productive in the economy. Shabbat is a time for retreating into beingness — into the love and fulfilment that is only found when our minds quiet down, and we are not looking for more, more, more. This constantly seeking more and “better” is the root of the problem we face today — in the hyper-aggressive masculinity and misogny of Trump and Putin and their cronies, which, in the end, does not fulfill. We cannot hurt others … and not hurt ourselves in the process. This compassion is the deep wisdom of wise women (and men) that now must come to fore.

Here’s the biggest call for a national Women’s Strike I’ve heard of, from the National Women’s Liberation Organization:

6. Over the long term, this country must begin to come together. In some ways, we are already very close … Middle class and poverty issues, such as the minimum wage, protecting social security, (even, for me the “elite” media) and the skyrocketing cost of education, Wall Street greed run amok, these are all issues we could unite around, as Americans who want to resurrect the American Dream. We must begin to have those #MessyConversations about the #MessyTruth with folks who are or were Trump voters and supporters.

Van Jones seems to be in the lead on this now, with his #LoveArmy … As for myself, I have prepared a few blogs which do not overly rely on “mainstream media” and present my own personal experiences — and those of friends and family members, just after the Trump election, around what is called “the Trump effect.” I encourage you to read and share/email/or post on social media to begin a #MessyConversation with friends or family members who may have supported Trump.

Here are just two of the the links to my blogs that might help:

And here’s Van Jones, below … The Love Army is also on Facebook, of course.

How you can help, in your own life, with Climate Change:

And a wonderful video, for even post-Holidays. Please watch and share!

More Resources:

Corporate Action:

Boycott the White House and Major Trump Supporters, Generally:

Well, that’s all for now, folks.

Seems like more than enough! I am happy to take further suggestions below, in “comments,” and will try to update this list when I get new info. I send my love and hopes for democracy, for the First Amendment, and for peace on Earth, and goodwill to men and women. To all of us! This is my prayer and wish from the heart. I send you my Love. I encourage your heartfelt activism.

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Author, speaker/spiritual teacher, poet & journalist: SF Chronicle and Examiner, Inc. Mag, Metro, 3 CNPA First Place awards. See “Heart of America” on YouTube

Author, speaker/spiritual teacher, poet & journalist: SF Chronicle and Examiner, Inc. Mag, Metro, 3 CNPA First Place awards. See “Heart of America” on YouTube