Well, I told you what I was worried about. So, yes, my dear friend and Fellow American, please go ahead and help me to stop worrying. You could read the essay I wrote again, more closely, and then tell me how it’s not true that Trump is not attacking 1) the press, 2) freedom of religion and 3) freedom of speech …

But what I would rather say, or ask, and I mean this with compassion: What kind of hell have you been living in? Have you been through a foreclosure? … And who do you attribute that to? Bankers and financiers hell bent on making their next million or billion? That seems about right to me.

So now, Trump has at least 3 Goldman Sachs appointees (billionaires!) in his cabinet, at least one of whom was heavily tied into forclosures and sub-prime loans, specifially: Steve Mnuchin, “who made millions as his company foreclosed on 36,000 struggling homeowners during the 2008 financial crisis” that came at the end of George Bush’s last term, and loose regulation of the industry. (The Week, Dec. 16, ‘16). I wonder how these new Wall Street bankers on Trump’s team will try to regulate their own industry to prevent the kind of crisis we saw under the last Republican administration.

You and I are on the same side, my friend. We must come together somehow. It’s not about Hillary and Trump, it’s about the middle class, the dying American dream and rampant greed. Money becomes just a game for people at a certain level. I mean, how can they even spend it all? Perhaps we can help to send them a message, together, that they would feel much better if they would stop that frenzied madness, and help us re-build the American Dream. This is not a game of “Monopoly.” This is the lives of millions of us. It feels so much better to care.

For me, this is about the basic rights and dignity for people below or near the poverty line, and in the teetering middle class. People who are, unfortunately, unending in their greed and self-interest. I hear you and I feel you, but Trump is playing you. I have to say it. Read widely across news platforms please. And then maybe, we could all work together to figure out who really represents us — black, White, Chinese, the new young millenials who are up their eyeballs in college debt … and those who cannot afford college at all. We must come together, across party lines. I am willing. Are you? … And I still say: Trump and his billionaire cabinet (wealthiest in history) are part of the problem.

Author, coach, teacher & former investigative journalist: San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, Inc. Magazine, Metro SJ, Recipient of 3 CNPA First Place awards.

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