Well, I have to say, Jay, I think you may be a bit naive (please forgive me) about how this dude is going to “atone” for his sins by being rewarded with a major cabinet position in the White House. I mean, what kind of magical fairy dust will he be sprinkled with that makes him change from someone who doesn’t mind shafting people right and left to make his billions, into someone who wants to just help all those middle class people who need homes and are in foreclosure? My guess is that he is going to stick with his banking buddies, and support de-regulation for banks and lenders so they can all go town again. Is it because of Trump that you think he will mend his ways? … I could be wrong. In fact, I hope I am very wrong about Trump and his cabinet, but things are not looking great so far, from my view over here in “Liberal Land” … Peace, Friend. Thanks for listening.

Author, coach, teacher & former investigative journalist: San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, Inc. Magazine, Metro SJ, Recipient of 3 CNPA First Place awards.

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