The “Coup” in Review: A Brief Timeline from 2016 Until Today

And Why We Need To Impeach Now

  • (Author’s note: I have personal experience with this because my girlfriends called the Trump campaign on a lark, and were told to go to polls and intimidate likely Dem voters from voting. Also, my half-black cousin was called a “N****r” and verbally attacked by a Trump supporter at her polling place in Michigan). See the excellent documentaries “Agents of Chaos,” as well as “The Social Dilemma” and “The Great Hack,” also: “The Mueller Report” and Senate Intelligence Reports.
  • The Russians also breach several voter registration databases, but the conclusion by the Obama Team is that they did not engage in database activities to swing votes this way. They did not need to. Trump wins. All states are offered assistance to protect their systems from foreign hacking. Only Kentucky declines.
  • Trump Tweets Hillary Clinton is a sore loser for not conceding on the night of the election. She concedes gracefully the next morning. Obama hosts Trump, also gracefully, at the White House, although Trump has waged a four-year campaign against his legitimacy as President. To be fair, “the Left” did make some protest — Green Party Candidate Jill Stein conducts an independent recount effort, which goes nowhere. There is also a citizen-based mail campaign to electors to consider Trump’s Russian ties and demagogic nature and become “faithless.” Two electors defect. There are many, many protests against Trump and his policies after this, including the record breaking 2017 global Women’s March, but they do not demand overturning election results.
  • In 2017, Trump convenes a bi-partisan commission to investigate “voter fraud” because he lost the popular vote. Trump has a history of crying fraud in any contest in which he loses or someone he supports loses. This commission finds nothing, and Democrats have difficulty getting information from the GOP about what they are supposed to be doing. In the end, there are many, simply blank pages in the final report and no voter fraud found.
  • Fast forward past four years of building conspiracy theories, and continued Russian and GOP trolling and disinformation campaigns, encouraged and abetted by the POTUS, InfoWars Host Alex Jones, Political Operative Roger Stone (see the documentary “Get Me Roger Stone”), FOX, OANN and GOP officials like Devin Nunes, and including those of “Q” — likely Jim Watkins, a pig farmer in the Philippines known for being a fan of Japanese (highly pedophilic) porn and hosting websites with violent pedophilic titles, like “child love” and “rape.”
  • Many GOP districts remove and restrict ballot boxes, making it difficult for voters to vote during a Pandemic. Especially in Georgia and Texas. Other voter supression shenanigans look like this:
  • Trump and his loose “legal team,” led by Rudy Giuliani, and including QAnon (“Democrats-are-Satanic-pedophiles”) followers Sidney Powell and LLin Wood lose or have dismissed 62 cases in both state and the US Supreme courts. They win one case, which does not affect the results. All Trump’s appointees in the Supreme Court refuse to hear the case for lack of standing.
  • Many judges in the states are Trump appointees or GOP. In nearly all cases, there is no credible evidence. Or not enough to change outcomes. Costly hand counts are demanded in Georgia and other states, and are completed, with no significant changes in counts. In some cases, Biden picks up more votes. Members of Trump’s own cabinet verify that the election was essentially fair and secure, with no evidence of fraud, including Bill Barr, who lied for Trump about the Mueller Report. Most begin now to resign.
  • “Borat 2” is released, featuring the actual Rudy Guiliani seeming to take his pants off on a hotel bed to have sex with an actress, posing as a reporter. The married Guiliani then holds a “Stop the Steal” press conference — apparently mistakenly located at “Four Seasons Total Landscaping,” next to an adult bookstore. Trump had Tweeted this would be at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Rudy Giuliani, in a public speech, speaks of now winning “trial by combat”

  • Trump is fundraising for his fake “Stop the Steal” campaign this whole time, raising hundreds of millions from followers with increasingly demanding mass emails. Most of the money is not actually going to the Stop the Steal Campaign. He still refuses to concede. In fact, he says “he won by a landslide,” and does not cooperate with the Biden Transition Team. Then does. Then doesn’t. … This creates chaos while thousands of Americans die daily from Coronavirus and national security is threatened by this chaos. It still is.
  • Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio Tweets from the White House grounds, just before a Million MAGA March on Dec. 12, that he has been invited by the White House to a meeting in an undisclosed location. A felon, Tarrio has a long and close relationship with the felon and self-admitted disinformation propagandist Roger Stone (See “Get Me Roger Stone.”)
Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio flashes a White Supremacist hand signal, posing with Roger Stone.
  • On Dec. 19, Trump Tweets for his supporters to go to Washington, where “it will be wild.” He continues to emphasize the need to “fight” and that he “won.” At his first debate with Biden, he asked the “Proud Boys” to “stand back and stand by.” One of the Proud Boys’ mottos is 6MWE “6 Million Was not Enough” — referring to Jews killed in the Holcaust.
  • LLin Wood, attorney for Kraken/Stop the Steal, moves to the social media platform Parler (for people banned from Twitter and FB for disinformation and inciting violence, and for anyone who wants to join) …. where he becomes increasingly unhinged and begins to advocate for a coup.
  • He calls for the execution by firing squad of Mike Pence, and later says Pence will be executing Trump and his team. See Parlertakes on Facebook and @ParlerTakes on Twitter, where screenshots are collected from Parler regarding planned violence on the 6th, from MAGAs across the country.
  • Personal information, including addresses, etc. are registered with Parler and any user can see these accounts. Many, dozens, possibly hundreds, are reported to the FBI by alert social media users. We do not know why the FBI or DHS did not stop these people in advance. Typical post about DC: “Go armed and ready to shoot.”
  • On Jan. 6, Trump speaks to the MAGA crowd. He tells them often to “fight” and not be “weak.” He repeats all his false claims about the election, further stoking the outrage. He tells them he will “be with” them and walk with them to the Capital Building. Then he leaves in his Presidential motorcade.
  • Rudy Giuliani, at the same event, on the same stage, with no intervention from Trump nor anyone on his now dwinding team, speaks of winning “trial by combat” since all court cases have been lost. Again, Guiliani is Trump’s chosen leader for the Trump election-undermining campaign. Several prestigious law firms quit the effort a month or more ago. U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks, of Alabama, also spoke to the crowd and told them it was time to start “taking down names and kicking ass.” Again, no intervention to cease such calls for violence from the Trump Team.
  • The crowd storms the Capitol. They rush past barricades and scale walls. They use blunt instruments to break windows. They trap one Capital Officer in a door where he yells in pain and screams for help. They nearly break his neck by wrenching his gas mask. They yell and chant as they rush the building. They throw tear gas and/or smoke bombs at police. Most do not conceal their identities at all.
  • Some do. These people are dressed in full camo and black with full face masks. They have plastic bands for handcuffing people on their belts. The crowd carries explosives and mace. These are found inside and outside the building. Now, there are reports some had maps of the Capitol, including underground tunnels.
  • Rioters tell reporters they are there to “fight the revolution.” They chant they are going to “hang Mike Pence.” A couple tell people inside the building they are going to “find and execute Mike Pence.” Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick is beaten with a fire extinguisher and possibly an American flag. He dies in the hospital the next day.
Stop the Steal Attorney, LLin Wood, calls for Pence to be executed by firing squad on Parler on Jan. 6. Would the President and his security team (DHS, FBI, etc. etc.) not have been alerted weeks in advance to plans for Insurrection on Parler? Why would Guiliani call for “trail by combat”?
  • Reporters and photographers outside are bullied and pushed by MAGA in “bullying circles.” Some are beaten. Some MAGA people do not want violence. They do not seem to understand what is going on. News cameras and media equipment are smashed. Staffers inside the building are surrounded and asked who they work for. They report they thought they would be killed. Staffers hide for hours under tables in locked offices as the the crowd rampages and yells, breaking doors.
  • One MAGA woman is trampled by the crowd in the Capitol while carrying a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag. She dies.
  • One man dies by “medical emergency.” We discover later he tasered himself, probably in the testicles. (Waiting to confirm.) Details about these deaths are not forthcoming from the police nor any official sources. “Medical emergency” is the term of choice.
  • On videos, we see Capitol police in some cases actually ushering in rioters, waving them in — and taking selfies with rioters. (To be fair, it is a large area, and we do not have full context for when these selfies, happened, etc.) These officers are currently unidentified. Other police try hard to keep the rioters back and suffer. There are multiple injuries and hospitalizations of officers. About 50. Details, again, are not forthcoming.
  • The Capitol police are clearly outnumbered and do not have adequate equipment. Trump does not call in the National Guard and clearly did not prepare the city in any way. No one seems prepared for this. Calls for just such a terrorist attack on Jan. 6 have been posted openly for weeks on social media and on militia and dark web sites. I would assume the FBI and DHS would be tracking that.
  • It is reported that a request by Capitol Police early for assistance from the DOD was turned down. Or vice versa? … There is great confusion about all of this. Clearly this is a massive security disaster. Homemade explosives have been found throughout the area. A gallows and hanging noose is erected outside the Capitol, presumbly for Mike Pence and other GOP “Traitors” and/or Democrats. [Update: new reports confirm that Mike Flynn’s brother was “in the room” during phone calls with Capitol Police. Also, Capitol Police report DOD told them they could not send National Guard due to “optics” and needed higher level clearance than normal to send troops.]
  • One GOP rep tells a Democrat to go and hide. He says he “knows these people” and can talk to them.
  • MAGAs on Parler and elsewhere post selfies and livestreams of themselves ransacking the Capitol. The Capitol floor and walls are pissed on, feces is smeared on walls, and glass is shattered everywhere. Offices are vandalized. It is a mess.
  • On the same day, multiple other MAGA protests and possible riots, including armed protestors, are happening in this country, but we cannot even track these because of what is happening at the Capitol. In LA, a Stop the Steal protest harasses a black woman, rips of her wig, and accosts her, calling her a “N***er”.
  • An immediate disinformation campaign (almost as if pre-prepared)begins to pin the blame somehow on “Antifa” and BLM, even though there are virtually no black people in the crowd, and rioters have fascist and white supremacist tattoos. Most are known MAGA or GOP reps in their communities. One man wears a hoodie that says “Camp Auschwitz” with a skull and cross bones.
Black hoodie, with “Camp Auschwit” on front … on left. Man with beard.
  • The next day, reading carefully from a script, he says they are not “real Americans.” He says he will begin the “smooth transition of power.” (Excuse my French, but this is a fucking joke.) He still does not concede.
  • Over 100 GOP Congressional Reps raise objections about the election that same night, continuing to foment the flames of discontent and suspicion that led to the insurrection … and undermining the democratic will and hard work of the people, as well as undermining the entire US electoral process and democracy itself. A school child could have observed the amount of anti-Trump sentiment building in much of the American population over the last four years, and especially 2020. This clearly resulted in record turnout for Biden (Trump, too, on the GOP side).
  • A second officer dies by suicide after these events.
  • Representative Andy Kim, of New Jersey, stays up late into the night, helping janitorial staff pick up garbage, glass and debris from the Capitol Rotunda Hall.
Representative Andy Kim of New Jersey stays late to help clean up garbage and debris in the Capitol Rotunda.

We live in a democracy. Your voice is important. Call your Congressional Representative now, and demand impeachment and removal of Donald J. Trump in the Senate.

Author, coach, teacher & former investigative journalist: San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, Inc. Magazine, Metro SJ, Recipient of 3 CNPA First Place awards.

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