Putin’s anger against Hillary Clinton for her statements about Russia’s elections has been very clear and well documented. The fact that the Russians launched a US social media campaign against Hillary Clinton & to “create chaos” here is VERY well documented. (The Mueller Report, many news outlets, US intelligence agencies, actual reports from Twitter, Facebook, etc.) So, in this way, Russia “interfered” in our electoral process, by swaying the US public via social media. They also attempted to hack into voter databases.

Note: There was a time when Hitler’s plans would’ve looked like a “conspiracy theory” to anyone outside his circles.

Sometimes conspiracy theories are actually conspiracies. I do not know if there is proof that Trump was actually a knowing Manchurian candidate; the author and former US intelligence officer Malcom Nance has done the research on this.

However, Trump clearly accepted & welcome and even publicly called for the help of Russia in becoming elected (“Russia, if you’re listening …”) and took NO steps to investigate nor stop any of this, indeed taking Putin’s side over his own National agencies as POTUS.

As for “golden showers,” Michael Cohen, an eyewitness, documents Trump’s visit to a Vegas strip club with Russians where “golden showers” were on offer.

Cohen asserts there were none in Russia, but frankly, Cohen was not in Russia with Trump, so that is just his guess. He tends to overstate his knowledge of all things Trump.

We know how the KGB collects Kompromat. Why wouldn’t they do so with a self-inflated, malignant narcissist who was speaking of running for US President decades ago, and was in Russia often to ogle Miss Universe contestants, glad hand Russian officials & land another Trump tower deal?

The fact that Russia helped Trump win is NOT in question. The possible “knowing collusion” still is … and release of Helsinki & other Trump-Putin private meeting notes or transcripts would help. Where are these?

I disagree completely with your analysis of “conspiracies” here. I was someone who had a grim feeling about Trump and Russia and then followed the research. However, this is not something I WANT to be true at all.

We can perhaps overstate the case, but the fact that Russia was very well planted in the Trump camp is 100% clear. The crazed IRA social media campaigns, the hacking into voter databases and the many indictments by Mueller et. al. … These facts are not in question.

The rest of this should be subject to investigation at the highest levels and of the deepest kind. Clearly.

Indeed, I believe Russians are or were funding QAnon propaganda. Much of the content is lifted from early Russian propaganda against the Jews. Look it up.

Global teacher, mother, author, journalist: SF Chronicle and Examiner, Inc. Mag, Metro, 3 CNPA First Place awards. See “Heart of America” on YouTube

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