I have not forgotten this. But if we focus so narrowly on our own tribes, will we not achieve the kind of solidarity needed to overcome fundamentalist Christian, white supremacy and hegemony. You should the read the works of Malcolm Nance. Evangelical Christians supported Trump and Israel because of their belief in the "Rapture," not beause of the Holocaust. Israelis and Jews accepting this support also then supported a hoard of Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites in the US, all fueled by "Q-Anon," itself modeled on Nazi-era and Russian propaganda against the Jews. We now have blatant anti-Semites in Congress because of rabid and cultish support of Trump. ... We must oppose totalitarianism in any form. I align with the Jews against Anti-Semitisim but I will not support movements or causes that support the same kind of thinking, ideology, scapegoating, and "othering" of human beings in any form. These all lead to the same dark road and bitter end. Of course you are afraid of anti-Semtisim, or we would not be having this conversation. I am too. We all should be.



Global teacher, mother, author, journalist: SF Chronicle and Examiner, Inc. Mag, Metro, 3 CNPA First Place awards. See “Heart of America” on YouTube

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