I actually have a full copy of the Mueller report at home. Highlighted & dog eared. Have you read it yourself? 35 or so indictments, at least 8 convictions, including MAJOR folks in the Trump campaign & team, as you should know. “Collusion” is not an actual criminal charge and therefore it is easy enough to say “there was no evidence of collusion.” There was plenty, but this is not an actual official charge.

The reason Trump was not charged for obstruction was because of the justice department‘s long-standing tradition of not indicting a sitting president. Mistake, IMHO. Clearly the full story has not been revealed in this matter and deserves deep & serious investigation. Whether or not Americans are “stupid” of course depends on which Americans you’re speaking of. The stupid ones are stupid — as they are all over the world. We are a country with a troubled past and enough propaganda and disinformation coming from the GOP & Stone, Jones, Jim & Ron Watkins, et. al. that the Russians did not need to push very hard, did they? … But clearly they did push. That is incontrovertible. And Trump welcomed this. That is clear.

What is not clear is what your motives are. Just wanting to prove Americans are “stupid”? How is that helpful for the US? Or for anyone? What is the goal? As for the Intercept, I am done. If you want to critique everything American, come back and live here. Be engaged. Be caring. Blowing everything up is not a strategy, it is a child’s tantrum. We need ideas and solutions and not just anger & attacks.



Global teacher, mother, author, journalist: SF Chronicle and Examiner, Inc. Mag, Metro, 3 CNPA First Place awards. See “Heart of America” on YouTube

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