Having plunged myself recently into reading historical records of brutal colonizations, beginning in Europe with Spain and Portugal and then England, it seems to me that there is a very dark dark past there that need some kind of reckoning and exposure to the light. The racism and hostility we see in Britain is reflected in full technicolor in its former colony: the United States. The violent genocide here of the indigenous, supported by British antecedents in Ireland and elsewhere, is a flag for a kind of deep, white Supremacist position that needs discussion and healing. Until then, the racial resentment and lack of understanding and accountability that create movements like Brexit and Trumpism (and others, across Europe) will fester and continue to create self destruction. “My Grandmother’s Hands” is interesting reading that traces US slavery and white (even white on white) brutality back to England’s dark ages. An “Indigenous People’s History of the United States” draws a line from the colonization of Ireland to the colonization of the United States with horrific impacts on the indigenous in both cases.

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