Finally, I watched the social media around Jan. 6 on Parler. It was open calls for violence, murder, racist diatribes and even rape. I have the screen shots, actually, still. Happy to share. This is of course not acceptable and also horrifying. As for the supreme court, it was packed by McConnell and the Trump Administration according to the dictates of a dark money-fossil fuel group, well documented by Senator Whitehouse from Rhode Island. Look up his speech with citations, etc. As for "party line" ... not advocating for violence against fellow Americans seems a fair level. Spouting QAnon hatred and insanity also seems a fair level, especially given that QAnon came from chat boards filled with Nazis and pedophiles, so ... As for the filibuster, the GOP, by rallyng around Trump has proven itself traitorous and dishonest. Beyond this, we need economic reform, we need a green new deal and we need to protect voting rights. Of course, you will disagree with all of this if you are Trumpist, Q, or watch FOX, OAN, etc. etc. ... And that is not surprising. This is our central problem. Not that half the country is "evil." I do not believe that about you. Why would you believe that about other human beings? Except if you were being presented with hateful propaganda? Beware.

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