Dear Jay, Good morning! How are you?

Well, that whole scandal went down under George Bush … Obama came in when the economy had already tanked — do you remember? But you’re right. They bailed out the banks, but did they bail out homeowners? Did they help them? I don’t know … Maybe I’ll look into it.

I know that Obama and Congress brought in new regulations for the bankers to try to keep it all from happening again. Here’s something I found.

There’s a great movie about the crisis called “The Big Short.” Have you seen it? … I can’t tell you too much about all of this, because I can’t totally fathom it myself. But when it has now been reported that Trump has the wealthiest cabinet in all of history (together earning more than the “bottom third” of all Americans), you know, I am pretty clear these folks aren’t spending their days worrying about the middle class.

My hunch is that Trump & Co. will continue to “throw bones” at his supporters (like the Carrier jobs, like the Boeing announcement) and then do everything in their power to make sure he and his buddies get even richer.

That’s pretty much what Putin does — perhaps the wealthiest man in the world, I’ve heard. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I am not. I’ve seen Trump’s tactics in the MLM companies I used to cover as a journalist. (“Hey, I’m rich! And if you just follow me, you’ll be rich too! Just don’t listen to anyone else but me!”) … And yeah, Hillary seemed pretty cozy with the Goldman Sachs/Wall Street crew too. I get that. What to do?

I think we need to start to reach out across party lines — and look for those within our parties that truly are not beholden to Wall Street. So far, I think Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have had the strongest stance; and also not taken money from these folks.

But here’s another thing: I wonder if all our focus on money is not dis-empowering all of us, Jay. Is money really our “savior”? Yes, we need money to survive, but when I look around, and look within myself (in my quieter moments) I find that my one true resource is something that is deeper and bigger than money. Call it Love, call it Resiliency, call it Relationships, call it “good ideas.” That’s why I say, you are still strong, if you have these. Anything can still happen … I really appreciate your speaking to me with civility and respect. Thank you. But I do have to say one thing: “We’ve been carpet bombed for 9 years.” … Ok, now who’s being a drama queen? ;) …

But I get you.

Author, coach, teacher & former investigative journalist: San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, Inc. Magazine, Metro SJ, Recipient of 3 CNPA First Place awards.

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