Come Together! Right Now …

Ami Chen Mills-Naim
3 min readJan 30, 2017


Or it may be over for all of us

Could ALL our votes count? Meaning, could we not view each vote as a person’s legitimate voice and move forward on that basis, and not on who “won”? Not on US vs. THEM? Not on: “We beat you!” Are we one country united, or will we now divide between friends and family, the “coasts” vs. the “heartland” or the “cities” vs. “rural America” … Whites vs. “All Others,” and Christians vs. Muslims?

I have been thinking that the more we are divided, the more we continue to “sink” and fail as a country, as a people, as an economy.

Wasn’t it the Left that had the biggest demonstrations against NAFTA and other global trade pacts? Wasn’t it the Left that marched, as I did, against the Iraq war — not believing Bush and his “weapons of mass destruction” justifications? Hasn’t it always been the Democrats that have supported unions fighting for good working class jobs? (And perhaps they have failed the working class, I don’t know. I am willing to look … but I doubt the bunch of billionaires in cabinet now are going to be true champions of working people).

Don’t all of us want big money and pharma, etc. OUT of government? Don’t we all feel that Washington D.C. and the big media are “elite,” inauthentic and out of touch? … And I have just read in the New Yorker that billionaires in Silicon Valley are investing in “doomsday” homes in New Zealand, and in underground bunkers, because they are afraid that “the 99%” is going to start coming after them someday soon.

One of them said: “The novelty of being able to buy anything begins to wear off” … and now they are in a state of fear. Who wants that? Maybe we do not even need to pit the 1% against the 99%.

Could we not come together to work on solutions for everyone? So that we can all co-exist, and move forward for our children? … Must we pit the working class against the environment, or Native American rights? Are the Native Americans and residents of Flint, Michigan any different in their need for clean water? … Are the police and black activists not human beings with their own valid points of view? I know one thing for sure. This US vs. THEM rhetoric has got to go. We are now facing the decline of a nation that once was civil, at least.

That’s why I have tried (I hope) not to demonize Trump voters and current supporters (and those could very well be different groups now) … However, I draw the line at what I perceive as racist, anti-Muslim, anti-gay and white supremacist rhetoric/memes and dog whistles that have been disturbingly coming from the President, his son, the VP and members of cabinet … We cannot allow this because it is an attack on members of our shared HUMAN race, and their fundamental rights to simply be who they are — who they were born as.

But otherwise, please see this interesting article from the Washington Post about the rise of a populist president in Venezuela (in this case, a Socialist) … I do not think this fits our situation entirely, but the idea of coming together and out of our bubbles seems increasingly urgent. #LoveArmy



Ami Chen Mills-Naim

Global teacher, mother, author, journalist: SF Chronicle and Examiner, Inc. Mag, Metro, 3 CNPA First Place awards. See “Heart of America” on YouTube