A friend of mine from the Deep Adaptation community shared this essay with me. It's a beautiful essay and resonates with many of my own themes. However, I want to note that in the US, at least, we are looking at the end of democracy and the rise of toxic masculinity and white supremacy. Folks wanting to take us back 70 years and more. This essay seems written from a white and male perspective, which perhaps cannot be helped. I notice most of your references/influences at bottom are also white. ... But we are dealing with multiple threats here in the US at least, and this is felt far more acutely by women, POC and the LGBTQ+ community, as well as "migrants." I believe we should try to shore up our democracy to prevent cruelty and violence from the highest levels and we need solidarity from men and white people. Here is my own take on this topic: https://amichen.medium.com/supply-chain-disruption-is-our-opportunity-to-speak-truth-5a65b246f882



Global teacher, mother, author, journalist: SF Chronicle and Examiner, Inc. Mag, Metro, 3 CNPA First Place awards. See “Heart of America” on YouTube

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