“Seriousness, like life, is a thought … and this thought creates a feeling. And if you create the feeling of seriousness, then you are in a very serious state …

You are very liable to have stress, strain, sickness and unhappiness and jealousy and everything else … Now, seriousness doesn’t help you do anything in life, but destroy yourself.” — Sydney Banks

Glaciers calving due to excess heat

In hindsight, I don’t think I quite knew what was coming.

For many years, I cared about climate change. Probably since before Al Gore’s first movie put to rest much of the misinformation that had been flying around…

And Why We Need To Impeach Now

  • During the national election in 2016, the Trump campaign and the Russians (colluding or not) engaged in massive efforts to suppress the Black vote, the young, “progressive vote” (Bernie Bros, etc.) and others in key states, including Michigan.
  • (Author’s note: I have personal experience with this because my girlfriends called the Trump campaign on a lark, and were told to go to polls and intimidate likely Dem voters from voting. Also, my half-black cousin was called a “N****r” and verbally attacked by a Trump supporter at her polling place in Michigan).

Calls for “unity,” forgiveness and “let’s all get along” may seem compassionate and wise, but are they? … with reflections on MLK’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”

This summer, my new young girlfriend was nearly killed by a Trump supporter in a white pickup truck. He careened around police barricades, his license plates duct taped so they could not be read. And he headed straight for her. A black activist, at a legal and peaceful protest — seventeen years old, still in high school, her hair usually bound up in pigtails at the top of her head. …

Is your community or city racist? Are you sure?

I live in a seaside town, not too far from San Francisco. As many conservatives will immediately assume, we are known as a “liberal” enclave. We sport a lot of health food stores, organic farms, a Black mayor (our first), a highly active Democratic Socialist chapter (Bernie’s party), an Extinction Rebellion chapter … and we’ve got a lot of hippies living in our woods, running on solar, marijuana and hu-manure. Our city police department helps organize the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day march, along with the NAACP.

Given all this, I used to think we were quite “progressive.” These…

The Australian wildfires were induced by hotter temperatures, and droughts created by climate change and global heating. Over a billion animals died. Smoke from Australia traveled across the globe. These Aussie fires are not “normal.” … And yet, fossil fuel-industry denialism continues unabated.

I’ve been deeply researching the climate and eco-crises for some time now, as well as experiencing the physical changes, extreme weather events and frightening mass extinction events happening in my own personal world. Alarmed, I even helped found an Extinction Rebellion chapter in my hometown on the California coast.

Sometimes, I have hope. Sometimes, I don’t. A lot of the time, I feel like this …

Well, folks: Here we are on the Titanic! …

Photo pulled from this compelling article in Science Magazine: https://www.sciencemag.org/careers/2019/05/why-some-climate-scientists-are-saying-no-flying

The accelerating cascade of news about the frightening, exponential rate of global heating due to human-caused green house gase emissions (GHG’s) — and “feedback loop” systems of GHG’s released from the arctic tundra, seas and elsewhere due to rapid planetary melting of snow and ice has many of us considering our carbon footprints with a bit more gravity than before.

Greta Thunberg, our role model purist and a personal Shero, chose to take a carbon-free sail boat from Europe to New York to speak before the United Nations and generally, does not fly.

Photo by A.M. Stewart, Blowing Rock, N.C.

There is no doubt we live in dark, exterior times. For many of us, we never thought things would come to this. Whether we call this “late stage capitalism,” the rotten fruits of “corporatism” or the inevitable products of regressed human consciousness (insecurity, greed, imagined separation), it all looks rather s**t at the moment.

My friends in the UK, post-election, are currently in a bit of shock and despair. “Welcome to the club,” I’ve said.

I have in the last few years despaired at our tacit, universal acceptance of nearly complete electronic surveillance; the crumbling of democracy and truth under…

Arctic ice is melting much faster than predicted, putting us in midst of planetary and species survival “tipping points.” Photo by Andy Mai, from “Lion’s Roar,” online

When I was a little girl, growing up in Eugene, Oregon in the 1970’s, I had two dreams that were so impactful, I remember them clearly to this day.

In one, the mass of people on Earth were starving, and clamoring for basic resources: water, food, supplies, medicine. They were represented by a gray, dusty, teeming mass of desperate people gathered around a rocket ship. The rocket ship was taking all the very wealthy people to another planet where they could somehow live with some resources. The whole scene was, as you can imagine, terribly sad and scary.

In the…

Because when the ship is going down, that should be the main focus of the daily, onboard bulletin

If the ship is going down, why are we still reporting what’s on offer at the buffet?

For me, it started in a writing group, in my hometown. A woman, a mother, younger than me — smart, articulate, a crackerjack writer — told us she and her family were moving to New Zealand. “Why?” I asked. It seemed to make no sense. The young family lived in a spacious and comfortable town home, near a university, and adjacent to vast and beautiful open spaces along the California coast. Her husband had a good tech job that helped them maintain…

According to recent reports of “non-linear” or “runaway” global warming, chances are very high that we are possibly beyond tipping point in terms of curbing warming. This means that loss of our normal eco- and social-systems will create widespread social collapse, and possible NTHE (Near Term Human Exctinction). Is there anything to be done? Possibly, but if so, we must all do it. Now.

Global warming has been an unpleasant background buzz in my mind since before Al Gore’s first movie was released. The word was out then from scientists and environmentalists, but most mainstream media were not yet on board the climate change ship.

When “An Inconvenient Truth” came out in 2006, a flood tide — excuse the pun — of media coverage followed, along with the already swiftly advancing and disastrous flood tide of “denial science” fueled by the oil industry, Koch Industries and increasingly “dark” monies, cloaked by donor-advised foundations like Donors Trust and the Donors Capital Fund.

So large scale…

Ami Chen Mills-Naim

Author, coach, teacher & former investigative journalist: San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, Inc. Magazine, Metro SJ, Recipient of 3 CNPA First Place awards.

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