A Treatise for Mothers, Parents, Caregivers, Adults and All Lovers of Mother Earth

(This a companion piece to the “Heart of America” video of the same name … Please see video link below, and in “Resources” at bottom.)

his “essay” is a “manifesto” or “Mommyfesto,” as stated. Therefore, it is…

The disconnect between how many millions of us in the global population truly feel — and what the media “elite,” corporate bodies, and world governments are telling us we feel is widening. It is time to speak our truths.

This is where “runaway capitalism” and the profit motive has brought us. A small city in the California foothills laid to waste in half an hour by out-of-control wildfires.

I don’t know where you live, but here in California, we are staring down a continued, severe drought (note: written before the “Bomb Cyclone” came through) and the now intense specter of out-of-control wildfires during a fire season that is now nearly year round.

What are you looking at?


Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is using his “rogue” Democrat status to kill key climate action provisions in Biden’s Build Back Better legislation
  • The number of coal jobs, both inside of coal mines and “above ground” in West Virginia is estimated at roughly 13,000 jobs, give or take.
  • The population of West Virginia is roughly 12.8 million.
  • Coal jobs, therefore, represent the work of approximately .10 percent of West Virginians. …

Do you mean the “menace” of racism? I do a lot of educational work via Medium and on my new YouTube channel (Heart of America) and at my radio show. We need to dialogue with others, self educate and educate others. A lot of white people are afraid to face our real history, and their underlying shame. I am half white, so I understand this. It is easier to ignore history and say: There is no racism! ... There is also fear of retribution, which is just projection, actually. This fear is unfounded. We need to help white folks see that they can learn our real history and understand racism and come out the other side as better, more expanded people. We need to do this to heal our nation. IMHO. Will try to check out your website if I get some time. Thank you!

Can we emerge from the “systems” we have created in order to re-think what is best for all of us, and our planet? Might we be happier this way?

I’ve been researching a book project, as well as hosting a YouTube podcast and local radio show, each in part exploring the topic of great wealth and greed in the United States, and globally. It’s been surprising to hear that many top executives in multi-million and billion dollar corporations themselves…

Ami Chen Mills-Naim

Author, speaker/spiritual teacher, poet & journalist: SF Chronicle and Examiner, Inc. Mag, Metro, 3 CNPA First Place awards. See “Heart of America” on YouTube

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